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Special Rawhide Rattles

These rattles don't fit in any other category. Each was a product of inspiration and each one has their own personality.  For general information about our rattles, please see the main rattle page.

I love to create new designs -- if you would like a specific personal rattle, please let me know

Dream Catcher Rawhide Rattle

Dream Catcher Moon Rawhide Rattle by Gaia's WorkshopThese moon shaped rattles have a hand made dream catcher incorporated into the design. They are available in black, blue, green, natural (shown), white, grey, lavender, turquoise, yellow, orange and red.  The stone chosen for the dream catcher and the decorations will color co-ordinate, let us know if you want any particular stone or colors. They can be made plain or fancy with a deer suede handle and rabbit fur.






Drum Beater Rattle Combo

Drum Beater Mallet & Rattle Combination by Gaia's WorkshopThese rattle/drum beaters have a deer or horse rattle on one end and a soft, medium or hard beater on the other...perfect for drum circles. The stick is willow which I personally gathered in one of my favorite sacred spots.


Beater w/ Small

Beater w/ Medium

Beater w/ Large







Four Directions Shaman's Rattle

Made in honor of the Lakota people and their decision to share their knowledge with the world, this extra large rattle has sinew in the four sacred colors of the Lakota: Red, Yellow, Black and White. The stick runs through the entire rattle for stability. Black and white horsehair decorate the top, which has a band of blue deer suede to represent Father Sky, while the band around the base is green to represent Mother Earth. This rattle can be made in deer, buffalo or horse.


Red Stag Deer or






Multi-Head Rattle

Triple Headed pRawhide Rattle with Deer, Elk and Horse by Gaia's WorkshSometimes sticks just demand to have more than one rattle.  Because these are very random, please call for availability or check for current stock at my Etsy store.


Call for Price



Call for Price


For Special Rawhide Rattles Currently in Stock,

Please Visit  Our Etsy Store.


Gaia's Workshop
Michelle Meister & Luke Martinez
Portland, Oregon
503-933-9038     gaiasworkshop@gmail.com