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American Elk Rawhide Spirit Drum on Maple Hoop

Starting at: $165.00

The energy of the elk drum is all about will and stamina. Elk resonates at the level of the solar plexus chakra. Larger and more aggressive than deer, the elk reminds me of a young warrior who has your back. Elk is very useful in healing childhood wounds and expelling that which you have swallowed. The elk helps you walk through fear and to keep your strength during difficult times.
Elk are wild animals, native to this continent. European Elk are more similar to our Moose, thus a completely different animal.

Elk drums tend to be cream colored to medium brown with translucent patches. The hide is thicker than deer and has a deep sound that many people like. The hide is somewhat pliable but very strong. Elk seems to enjoy being made into a drum and us the easiest hide to work with.

These elk are hunted in the US and used for food. The hunters donate the hides to their service organization or sell them directly to the tannery. There is almost always at least one bullet hole in the hide. Occasionally, I will allow the wound to appear on the side of the drum to remind us of the sacrifice made so that we can benefit.

These elk drums cannot be exported without a special license and a veterinary certificate. If you wish one exported to your country, you will have to pay the associated fees, currently around $90.00. Please contact me.

Maple is a wood of balance, used both for food (syrup) and the preservation of meat through its fragrant smoke. The hoops are machine made 10-ply, steamed and wrapped, and are quite strong and somewhat heavy. They are approximately 2 7/8" deep.

These drums come with a beater. The medium beater is recommended for these drums.

For individual drums currently in stock, please check out our Etsy Shop

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