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Horse Rawhide Spirit Drum on Maple Hoop

Starting at: $165.00

The energy of the horse drum is all about the journey. Horse resonates at a high frequency, stimulating the third eye chakra. It has been used by shamans and seers as a guide in their travels. The Norse rune Raido represents the journey we can take when using horse energy.

Horses have been in partnership with humans for at least 6,000 years and are native to the Eurasian continent. They have been considered sacred beings for just as long. Most indigenous people of Europe had rites and rituals around the strength and fertility of the stallion. Some archaeologists even believe that observing the herd structure of the horse led to early patriarchal herder societies. When horses were introduced to this continent in the 1600's, some of the existing people adopted them wholeheartedly and recreated their entire culture to reflect their importance.

Horse drums tend to be light gold to deep chocolate brown in humans, their skin comes in a variety of colors. Their hides tend to be thicker around the hindquarters and thinner in the neck and belly region. The hide has very little stretch and very little fat. When making a horse drum, it is very important to be smooth and gentle...never jerking or tugging...the same way you would treat a horse if you were riding it in life.

Because horses are domesticated animals, a hide will frequently have brands and sometimes signs of a hard life, such as scarification around the whithers. I believe that part of honoring the horse is to include these elements in the drum so that we never forget that it was a living being who has been transformed into the drum. The drums that include these elements tend to be very useful in healing deep pain. Horses are never killed to make drums, the hides come from animals who have died naturally. There are no tanneries working with horse in the US, so most horse hides come from Central or South America.

Maple is a wood of balance, used both for food (syrup) and the preservation of meat through its fragrant smoke. The hoops are machine made 10-ply, steamed and wrapped, and are quite strong and somewhat heavy. They are approximately 2 7/8" deep.

These drums come with a beater. The medium beater is recommended for these drums.

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