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Reindeer Rawhide European Style Drum on a Deodar Cedar Hoop

Starting at: $240.00

The energy of the reindeer drum is connection to the family and ancestors, surefootedness on one's path and ease in social interactions. The reindeer is as important to the people of Northern Europe as the Buffalo is to people of the American Plains. As such, reindeer also carries the energy of abundance and goodness for all the people.

The reindeer hides I use are imported from Finland, where they are native. Please allow an additional 1-2 weeks for custom orders.

Reindeer drums are a lovely cream color. The hide is thin and has a superior resonance. The sound is unlike any other drum, having a primal quality.

The reindeer I get are farm raised and used for food.

Deodar Cedar is a variety of cedar that is found naturally in India and the Middle East but has become common world wide. Like all cedars, it carries the energy of cleansing and protection. Cedars have been used worldwide for everything from making temple doors to weaving clothing, The name Deodar translates in Sanskrit to "God's Tree" and it is revered on the Indian subcontinent as a particularly divine tree and is sacred to Shiva. Ancient sages lived in Deodar forests. It is the national tree of Pakistan. The hoops are made of a single piece of wood, steamed and wrapped, and are strong and light-weight. They are approximately 2 1/2" deep.

These drums come with a beater. Soft beaters are recommended.

For individual drums currently in stock, please check out our Etsy Shop

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