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About Us


We are Michelle Meister & Luke Martinez & Luke Martinez, partners in this journey of life.  We have eclectic interests but find our joy in working with our hands and hearts to create beauty in a world too often marred by ugliness in thoughts, actions & "products."  We believe that the actions each human takes should be guided by a desire for excellence within the natural balance of all things.  We walk the path of simplicity and strive always to act with respect and honor for ourselves, other beings, our Mother and our ancestors.

 What we do at Gaia's Workshop is to create drums, rattles and other objects that use the magic of our interconnected planet, focused on the energies, elements & numbers used by practitioners of Paganism, Wicca, Celtic & Norse Shamanism, Faery & many other ways.  We believe that each path is sacred, and that tools made specifically in honor of these paths can be stronger partners in our work.

I am a great believer that every one of us has our own path to the sacred. For this reason, most of my work is done by custom order and co-created with my customers. We all have things that make us an individual, and capturing those things in your personal ceremonial tools is very important to me.


Michelle Meister, Co-Owner, Drum Maker, Craftsperson & Artist.I have been an artist all my life. In past jobs, I have always been the one to do the creative things like advertising, web sites, posters, etc. Twenty years ago, when I started making drums, I discovered that my passion is creating life from death and sound from silence. I am quiet but engaged and observant. I am passionate about social justice and politically progressive. When my business is fully established, my dream is to start teaching crafting and business start-up skills to street kids.

I read a lot. I am fascinated by the things that make people tick; subjects I have studies most in my life are archeology, cultural anthropology, history, symbolism & mythology. I love to cook, to me food is love. I do a number of different arts and enjoy every one. I love all kinds of music. I try to get outdoors and listen to the creatures and the trees at every opportunity. I am in a long-term committed relationship with another artist who feeds my soul.

I have been a drum maker for many years, working with Patrick Pinson at Cedar Mountain Drums off and on for almost 20 years.  While I have studied and have much respect for the teachings of the various Native American tribes and have many friends who follow the "Good Red Road", I have always been an outsider because my path is European Pagan. It took me doing research about the indigenous past of my European ancestors to figure out why I love drum making as much as I do. I discovered that they lived in ways that were very similar to Native people in America, and had similar spiritual practices -- no wonder the Native American ways had felt so familiar. When I discovered the traditional shamanic drums of Northern Europe on a site in Denmark, I was fascinated & inspired.  This led to me leaving Cedar Mountain Drums in 2013 to pursue creating something beyond the traditional -- something birthed from my own sacred ways.

My practice is solitary & eclectic at this time.  I have studied (and continue to work with) Runes & other Symbolic Systems, Elemental energies, Plant energies, Color Vibration, Individual Deities & Dreams. I have been a Wiccan High Priestess with a teaching coven and a Girl Scout leader. I am a Cancer.



My partner, Luke, who works with me in this business and does some of the art, is Maya, Celtic, Sicilian & Gypsy.  His background is in music, especially percussion and rhythm.  He is a Scorpio.

His business and passion is in building historical and custom model cars. His business, Scaley's Model Shop , supplies custom parts to other model builders all over the world. He is on Ebay at ScaleysModelShopSales.





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